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Handling of Hazmat Products

Warehousing for Refrigerated

Sensitive Deliveries 24/7/365

Added Value

About us

We are a tech start-up born with a rich, vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare market across Central America and the Caribbean through our PROMED heritage providing logistics solutions as a deliverable.

Customer-centric, focusing on safety, speed, and quality, offering a wide range of custom-built solutions for small niche players up to standardized and scalable for prominent established players in the MedTech, laboratory and diagnostics as well as the life sciences industry.

Vanguard Medical Logistics aims to satisfy our stakeholders by offering Planned, Innovative, and Productive team-based services for storage and distribution of medical devices, laboratory and pharmaceutical products.

Top Management makes available the Integrated Management System to stakeholders, complying with their requirements as well as those established in the national and international standards that govern us to ensure continuous improvement, suitability, and effectiveness of the products and/or services provided, as well as the achievement of objectives.

The Quality Policy is disseminated to all personnel by Top Management to ensure their understanding, implementation, and continuous suitability.

Contribute with innovative tech solutions that impact and create value to our customers and our community.

To be an organization with a unique and inspiring business model, integrating talent, innovative tech, and the highest quality standards delivering state of the art solutions in partnership of our customers to our community.

We work together always seeking communication, satisfaction and achieving goals.

Continiously seeking for new ways to ensure our costumer satisfaction amidst new technologies, regulations and data.

  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Continuous
  • Improvement
  • Professional
  • Development
  • Customer Orientation

Meet the team

Karen Betancourt

Carlos Romero
Regional Operations Manager

Carlos Campo
Warehouse Manager

Aileen Rivera
Operational Key Account Manager

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Wendy Delgado
Head of Warehouse Operations - Central America


International Logistics

  • Last mile delivery to clients in the health sector in Central America and the Dominican Republic.
  • Imports and Exports for FTZs and domestic markets.

Handling of Hazmat Products

  • Handling of Hazmat products (Class 7 – radioactive specialty).
  • MRO services for medical devices capital equipment.

Warehousing for Refrigerated

  • Warehousing for refrigerated, frozen and temperature controlled.
  • Cold Chain solutions for international logistics and last mile delivery.
  • Consignment stock management through RFID solutions.

Sensitive Deliveries 24/7/365

  • Time-Sensitive deliveries 24/7/365.
  • Consulting over regulatory and techno-surveillance related topics.

Added Value Services

  • Kitting.
  • Labeling and ink-jet printing.
  • Light manufacturing.


  • Consultancy on the development of business plans for projects of health care centers, clinical laboratories, blood banks and research. Imaging diagnostic centers, among others.
  • Medical and Health architecture.
  • Technical advice related to the technical requirements in the installation and start-up of medical equipment, medical information systems, diagnostic imaging equipment, washing and sterilization systems for surgical material and instruments, solid waste treatment equipment, treatment units hemodialysis services, among others.
  • Preparation of the architectural medical program based on the services included in the project, tacking into account the generic spatial budget of the equipment. Architectural guidelines for equipment installation.
  • Preparation of lists of medical equipment, medical furniture, laboratory equipment, blood bank equipment and surgical instruments required by specialty. List based on room by room analysis of architectural plans of health facilities.
  • Consultancy on the choice of technology and installed capacity in accordance with the business plan for state-of-the-art medical equipment.
  • Preparation of the comparative tables of medical equipment proposals in the technical and economic aspect. Certifications and measurements of health and radiological protection.
  • Training for users and medical personnel in good practices for the use and protection of medical equipment. Preparation of technical specifications for tender documents for public events.
  • Design and implementation of hospital logistics systems. Consultancy on acreditation by the Joint Commission.
  • Consultancy on the implementation of ISO 15189. Quality Management Systems in Clinical Laboratories.


Vanguard Healthcare Consulting has a network of professionals in different health areas with the capacity to provide a global design for your hospital or health center.

Project Management Engineers

They integrate the knowledge of all the disciplines that participate in the planning and management of the project.

Biomedical Engineers

They provide legal considerations and health regulations, national and international, related to health and research facilities. They direct the selection of the most appropriate avantgarde technology for the project in medical equipment and furniture.

Medical Engineering (Electromechanics)

They plan, execute and supervise all the technical considerations requested by the manufacturers of medical equipment, in all stages of the project.

Health professionals, Biology and medical Technology
They contribute their experiences and knowledge in the practices of their activities and the rules of hygiene, contamination risks in critical hospital areas, laboratories and pharmacies.
Occupational Health Engineering
They establish the routes and practices for the proper management of substances and residual solid waste from industrial and hospital processes. Contributing to occupational health and radiological protection.
Medical Architecture
Integrate the design and infrastructural development of medical science and health architecture for health within the project.

Ing. Argelis Helibron

Regional Manager

Industrial Engineer, master’s degree in higher education, with an emphasis on research. Certified as a biomedical engineer before the authorities of the Ministery of Health of Panama and the Panamanian Association of Biomedical Engineering.

For almost 20 years, she has led the medical equipment of hospital macro-projects in the public sector in Panama and some smaller-scale ones in the private sector, executing the role of Project manager.   With experiences in preparation and presentation of public tenders in international organizations, such as UNOPS, IDB for projects in Panama and Central America.

Ing. Jhoser Spencer Mendoza

Project Manajer

Biomedical Engineer with a specialization in project management, he has a recognized track record in the health sector in service management, project management and business consulting.

He has led important projects in the area of hospital medical design and equipment in the Latin American and Caribbean region, including: Radiopharmarcy of Central America (2011-2015; Panama),  The Panama  Clinic  (2017-2019;  Panama),  Modern Diagnosis  Center  (2018-2019;  Guatemala),  Joint  Radiotherapy Center of the San Juan de Dios Hospital (2020 – Present; Costa Rica).


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