Innovating in Medical Logistics: Our Participation at FIME 2023

Date: April 15th, 2023.

Place: Hotel El Panama

Topic/Name of the workshop: The Experience of a Magical Costumer Service

Exhibitor: Miguel “Mike” Esquivel

Attendees: CEO, Managers, and supervisor.


  • To improve customer service in all the areas within the company.
  • Create more structure in the customer service dept workflow.
  • Integrate the leaders of the company to develop better internal communication.

This was an activity schedule from 8 to 5 on a Saturday, everyone there was very excited to share and meet each other. There were people from Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, along with the Panamanian staff. The workshop consisted of several exercises and dynamics to understand each other as part of the company, also had team activities where everyone got mixed up with other people to work together in what Mike called the “VML Customer Service Statement”.